Monday, September 15, 2008

Little Brother & Coop

As it turns out, Little Brother is a huge animal lover. He especially loves his pug-Cooper. I got Cooper when he was only 6 weeks and now he's 11 years old. That's pretty damn old in dog years!! He's a great dog and just loves little LB. Every morning LB wants to give him his treat and sit with him for a while. I am really starting to think the dog actually enjoys the time he spends with LB. LB and Cooper have a special bond.....Cooper was my first baby. I remember th first night I got him, he slept in the bed with me and pooped about 10 times in the bed that night. What a mess and what's so bad about it is that he's still not potty trained!! The dog is too stubborn to be trained. As soon as you turn your back, he's pooping or peeing right on the floor. When I first met my hubby, Cooper immediatley marked all of his stuff, including his treasured golf clubs. Imagine that? Cooper has always been very protective of me and has always been a little wary of him.......

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