Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Almost... 6 year old

How can he almost be six years old? Big Brother's actual birthday is next month, but close enough. I have noticed so... much change in him just in the last few months. Forget telling secrets under your breath anymore. The kid hears and understands it ALL. We used to be able to get away with spelling things around him so that he would not know what we were talking about, but that no longer works either (he's so smart). Now I just have to tell Daddy, "remind me to tell you something later"- which he never remembers ---so things just go unsaid...If it's important enough one of us will remember eventually, right? I don't know if I'm ready for my child to actually see ALL my faults and start to mimic them too... How awful is that! I want him to continue to be the PERFECT child he has always been! He isn't allowed to notice that Mommy is NOT perfect and that I have faults... I think his little view of the world is actually changing right before my eyes and I DO NOT like it. My little "ANGEL BABY" (this is an actual term from the book Baby Wise) is actually growing into a BIG boy...

Friday, January 2, 2009

It's the Simple things...

Big Brother loves to hang from trees...

So much fun

My little climbing monkey

So happy...

Giving my pug a big hug
Why is it that the SIMPLIST things in life are what make us the happiest?

  • climbing trees

  • hugging your doggie

  • simply playing in your own backyard

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!

I look forward to the start of 2009 as a new start in many aspects of my life. My boys are changing EVERY day and as I approach my 40's (at lightening speed it seems & HOW can this be happening!) Life this year will be a little different. The mistakes I have made in my past WILL be just a memory while I MOVE towards the future with fresh new ideas of a full life. Just a few of the things I can look forward to include:

  • potty training with my 2 year old (boy is that a pain!)

  • more and more big boy talking emanating from my 2 year old (how do they grow up so... fast?

  • more homework time with my almost 6 year old

  • a real appreciation of my Southerness-I am discovering it's a rare quality around here...

  • more time with my friends

  • more trips to the Country and quality time with my extended family

  • more trips to the mountians to see my Mom

  • a year of many many real estate sales (let's hope the housing market improves!)

  • bleaching cream (maybe my many years of getting too much sun can be Fixed once and for All)

  • more creativity time which includes picking up my scrapbook that I have neglected over the past year

  • weight loss-I am starting a running clinic on Jan 14th...Go..Go..Go..

  • and my favorite and MOST important goal of 2009....ORGANIZATION, ya gotta love it and it makes me feel SO... good.

Happy New Year to Everyone!!! I hope ALL your dreams in this new year come true...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My 2 year old....

How cute is a 2 year old? I can't think of a better age, can you? So much energy contained in such a small little body... He has so much fun now when we go to the playground. He's so independent in so many ways too. His favorite line now is, "No Mommy, me do it." He tells me this almost every time I try to help him on the playground. It's such a special age where you never quite know what will come out of his mouth next or what milestone he will hurdle over right before your eyes. My sweet sweet boy...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Make Something Monday...

Do you like my Christmas Memory Book? I got the idea from one of my fellow crafty bloggers. I thought it was so precious and so...easy to make too. The idea is to create a small notebook filled with Christmas memories to be stored along with your ornaments. You pull it out and hang on the tree each year and fill it with new Christmas memories as well as look back on year's past. The original idea said to use a small spiral notebook and punch holes in one corner. Well, I did not have a small spiral notebook handy so I improvised and made my own with index cards, card stock and ribbon. I made it fun by adding some Christmas stickers on the front. It turned out cute and I know my boys will enjoy it for many years to come...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Scooters

Dargan on his "new" hand-me down scooter
So proud...
Will getting some practice with his new Razor
Getting the hang of it...

Santa brought big brother a new Razor Scooter this year. Will has been practicing on it all week and is getting pretty good. It's hard to believe how quickly they can learn how to manuver those things around! Since big brother got a brand new scooter for Christmas this year, he decided to give his old one - a cool Spiderman scooter - to his little brother. Dargan is so... proud to have his very own scooter. The best part about this scooter practice session was that they did it in their new Clone Wars pj's. How cute is that?