Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!

I look forward to the start of 2009 as a new start in many aspects of my life. My boys are changing EVERY day and as I approach my 40's (at lightening speed it seems & HOW can this be happening!) Life this year will be a little different. The mistakes I have made in my past WILL be just a memory while I MOVE towards the future with fresh new ideas of a full life. Just a few of the things I can look forward to include:

  • potty training with my 2 year old (boy is that a pain!)

  • more and more big boy talking emanating from my 2 year old (how do they grow up so... fast?

  • more homework time with my almost 6 year old

  • a real appreciation of my Southerness-I am discovering it's a rare quality around here...

  • more time with my friends

  • more trips to the Country and quality time with my extended family

  • more trips to the mountians to see my Mom

  • a year of many many real estate sales (let's hope the housing market improves!)

  • bleaching cream (maybe my many years of getting too much sun can be Fixed once and for All)

  • more creativity time which includes picking up my scrapbook that I have neglected over the past year

  • weight loss-I am starting a running clinic on Jan 14th...Go..Go..Go..

  • and my favorite and MOST important goal of 2009....ORGANIZATION, ya gotta love it and it makes me feel SO... good.

Happy New Year to Everyone!!! I hope ALL your dreams in this new year come true...

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Two Boo Boos said...

look at you and how organized you are already .. getting your list together!