Monday, June 15, 2009

I had a bad day....

It's been a typical Monday for me.

1) Big Brother is on DAY 6 of having a high fever (@ 103 degrees) and feeling just terrible,

2) Our air conditioner upstairs is broken and I'm sitting here typing this post in 90 degree heat,

3) The entire belongings of my house are packed up (not in an orderly fashion) in a BIG pile downstairs so that we can have new carpet installed tomorrow, and

4) My family of 4 is temporarily camped out downstairs on our mattresses.

Is that enough bad news for a Monday?

Needless to say, I am NOT Happy!!!


Melrutl said...

OUCH! I think you have every right to scream loud and clear. So sorry to hear about the fever. Hope he is feeling better soon. Good luck with it all!

Two Boo Boos said...

oh no! I hope Will gets feeling better soon. It sounds like you have a ton going on (as usual :-) ) I know you will be so excited to get that new carpet! least Dargan is all trained now! That is awesome!

Lipstick said...

You poor thing! I hope everything is better very very soon!

kelley said...

oh girl-i feel for you. my sister's boyfriend called us and said how hot it is where you guys are. oh my-and a little one with a fever? bless!!! it is chilly up here...can you believe this mad weather????