Thursday, October 9, 2008

Poor baby....

Poor little Dargan has had a rough week. This week was his first week of going to school for 3 days. He's gotten pretty spoiled from hanging around the house with Will & I so much lately. When I think back to when Will was 2 years old, he went to sleep every night at 6 pm like clockwork. He was such an "angel baby" and was so scheduled. He would sleep for 12 straight hours and never wake me unless he was sick. He's still that way most of the time. Dargan on the other hand is quite a handful! He needs to get 12 hours of sleep, but he won't let himself. He wants so bad to stay up with Will and doesn't want to miss out on anything. I thought this picture of Dargan and his TeeChop was cute...It's so funny how much Will & Dargan love their two little lambs.

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