Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good Friends......

My hubby and Hans Schou

Me and Teresa Wren

Me and Tracy & MacKinley Farber

Hans and the Birthday Girl

Me & Kristy Schou

Me & Randalyn Malak

Me & Melissa Michel

We celebrated my...dare I say it...39th Birthday this weekend. My actual Birthday is today, November 16th but the party was last night. The afternoon began with 10 adults and 13 children piling into our house since it began raining at precisley the exact time the party was to begin! What are the chances of that???? We didn't let the rain put a damper on the party though...The "beeritas" were quite a hit and the hubby's Melvin's bar-be-que sandwiches and cole slaw were great!!!! We toped off the night with a yummy carrot cake and chocolate delight dessert!!!! I feel VERY blessed to have such great friends to celebrate my birthday!!!! And the best part-I'm NOT even hung over today.....

Beerita Recipe
2 or 3 beers
1 can frozen Limeade
1 can tequila
Just add ice and blend


twobooboos said...

It was fun... I hated that I only was able to come towards the tailend! My 2 plus 2 for 9 hours, did me in!

You look so great in the pictures! Not a day over 29!

CarolinaGirl said...

What fun!! Happy Belated B-day!