Friday, November 14, 2008

Things that make me happy...

Watching my 2 little angels asleep snuggled under their covers

Fallen leaves and the joy and squeals of delight my boys have from rolling around in them

My furry slippers and fleece robe on a cold morning

Hot coffee with LOTS of sugar

Christmas shopping

My weekly dose of Clean House, The Mentalist and Survivor

90% off Halloween sales

Listening to my 2 year old begin to talk in sentences

Being able to wear my flip flops in November-80 degrees here today!

The amazing sound of my 5 year old actually READING his first books

And the best of all.....A BIG hug and kiss from my 2 amazing little boys!!!

1 comment:

twobooboos said...

very sweet! you need to put just plain and simple 'shopping' hehe