Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

The cookies and note we left for Santa along with the book we read every Christmas Eve

Reindeer Food left out for Santa's reindeer

Dargan in his Elmo costume with his Chocolate Chapstick

The boys playing with their new Moon Sand

Will as "Iron Man"

Dargan playing our new Sonic game on the Wii

Lovin' that Aqua Doodle Mat

Will as a Ninja

Dargan in his new Clone Wars Play Hut and pj's

I guess you could say that Santa was good to us this year... The boys had a GREAT time running around opening Christmas gifts and seeing what goodies Santa left for them! Will had a great time modeling all his new costumes and Dargan got exactly what he wanted----Chocolate Chapstick! Don't ask, it's a mystery why he likes it so... much. Will also enjoyed his new pirate legos and his new Sonic game for the Wii. After playing with our new toys for a few hours we headed over to the Grandparents house and the boys got to open more, more and more presents....The little guys literally fell into their beds at 9 pm tonight. From our family to yours-Merry Christmas!!!

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Two Boo Boos said...

how stinkin' cute are they!!!!! They made out! I'm sure it was so much fun to watch them open everything. We loved every minute too! See you soon