Thursday, January 29, 2009

Disney Trip 2009

My boys
The cool dinosaur egg
The boys brushing a little lamb
We love monkeys
and more....
On the safari ride in Animal Kingdom
With Donald Duck
These legos are mine!
We love Mr. Potato Head

Here are some pics from our trip to Disney this year. The boys had a great time! Little brother was a little scared on some of the rides. He can't quit talking about the 3D movie, A Bug's Life. These are his exact words, "Mommy, that bug SPIT on my face!" In the movie a light spray of water actually splashes the audience and he was totally freaked out. I guess that's a little hard for a 2 year old to comprehend. Big brother, on the other hand, showed NO FEAR. He was so ready to ride Everest and wanted to ride it again and again. { I am so glad I did not have to ride it } Although I did let Daddy talk me into riding Space Mountain. What was I thinking? After standing in line (by myself) by 35 minutes with to 2 teenage girls I realized 2 things about myself. 1-I am a huge chicken when it comes to roller coasters and, 2-just how old those teenage girls made me feel as I listened to them discuss the book and movie Twilight (I was presently reading the book and just saw the movie twice a few weeks back). Boy, I am older than I thought! All in all, Disney was great fun as always, but I do not think we will be frequenting it over another holiday weekend. Much too..... crowded for me.

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Lipstick said...

Great pics! So glad that y'all had a fun time! I can't wait to go back myself...