Sunday, January 25, 2009

TNT Stallone...athon

Do the Rocky movies motivate you to be more active? I was so... motivated and pumped up after watching Rocky II this morning (while making my 2 little boys fans BTW) that I went for a run. It's also part of my homework for training to run a 5K this Spring. It was by far one of my BEST runs so far and I'm sure the "Rocky Motivation Factor" played a large part. The Stallone Marathon has been running on TNT all weekend and I would LOVE nothing more than to plant myself on the couch and watch it ALL day. I just may have to get down on the floor and do a couple of sits ups though. It's just so MOTIVATING!


kelley said...

we were supposed to come down....but now we are on big time budget:( next year i will run:) have a great time!!!

Little Bow Prep said...

I've never actually seen a Rocky movie.

Good luck with your 5K training!

jamielynn said...

Fact: The Rocky movies are the best! haha.