Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Brother and Me...

I came across this poem about brothers on the web the other day and thought it fitting. And NO, I did not write it...kudos to who did though b/c it's way too cute!

My Brother and Me

My brother and me,
We sail the sea
In a cardboard box for a boat;

Or we barevely embark
On a hunt for a shark
As our wading pool serves as a moat.

We go off to work
Riding bikes, digging dirt...
Burst in the door, "Mommy! We're home!"

With double the hugs,
Double boo-boos and bugs,
We're happy we're never alone.

My brother and me,
As I'm sure you'll agree,
Are as close as two brothers can be;

For whatever the weather
I'm glad we're together-
No, there is no other
I'd want for my brother.
We're best pals-my brother and me!


justin manas prince jaspher ligin said...

emotional poem..

Little Bow Prep said...

Very cute picture and poems!

Oh, and thank you for the award a while back. I will post on it soon (hopefully).

Two Boo Boos said...

I think that is my favorite picture of them