Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Super Mom...

I came across these GREAT tips the other day and wanted to share..

Top 8 Tips for Moms to be condidered a
"Super Mommy"
  1. Play with your children-they say you should spend at least 15 minutes down on the floor every day with your kids

  2. Eat an actual meal together

  3. Read a book together

  4. Communicate with them
  5. Be a good role model-yes, let them see your faults

  6. Speak the truth
  7. Learn to say No

  8. Set a good example


Two Boo Boos said...

eating a meal...does that include mac 'n' cheese? hehe

kelley said...

i do this:) i should work on the "lay on the floor" part:)