Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday

Six years ago tonight I was in labor with my first born son. He weighed 6 lbs and 4 oz and was the most perfect being I had ever seen. Job, what job? It was funny, before I saw my little bundle of joy I had all good intentions of returning to a job I really enjoyed after a mere 8 weeks of maternity leave. Ha! How wrong could I have been about that decision. After I saw him, that job was history and I never even looked back. I cherish and am so grateful that I was able to stay home with my little boy. It has been the hardest, most rewarding, wonderful job EVER! I would not trade it for the world and LOVE being his MOM. On this night it makes me wonder where all the time has gone? How can he ALREADY be 6 years old??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet boy...

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