Monday, February 16, 2009

Southern Graces...

Is there such a thing anymore? Having grown up and lived in the South for almost 40 years I thought I would share a few of the "Southern Graces" I learned from my own VERY Southern Grandmother.

  • Handwritten Notes. Are they a thing of the past? I know that nothing can make my day like receiving a handwritten note from someone in the mail. I mean nowadays it costs almost 50 cents to mail a letter not to mention the actual time it took the author to sit down and actually write the letter. I sent an old friend that I have not seen in years a letter just last week. I told her that I was thinking about her and I hoped she and her family were well. This is one thing that my Grandmother and Mother taught me that really makes a difference. If you can manage to send thank you notes and just a simple note every once in a while it's what really makes you Southern.

  • Men/boys who remember to stand up when a woman (esp. an elderly woman) enters the room or leaves the table. It just makes you feel like a real lady! I will make sure I teach my 2 boys this as they grow up. I'm sure it will impress the parents of many future girlfriends to come and will show their southern unbringing and most importantly -it will make their Momma proud!

  • The simple act of holding a door open for someone. I can't tell you how many men these days have dropped a door in my face. How rude! I always hold the door open for people, esp. if it's an older person or most importantly a Mom carrying a baby or pushing a stroller (I will never forget how special it was when someone did this for me when I was with my kid(s).

  • RSVP's. For the life of me I cannot understand why people cannot find the time to RSVP. I mean if you're having a party you DO need to know who's coming, right? How many minutes does it really take and these days you can even do it by e-mail or send a message on facebook. It's just plain lazy to not do it....

Grandmother if you are reading this (from up in Heaven) I hope I made you proud...Miss you!

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