Monday, October 13, 2008

Gettin' ready for Halloween

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween-you just gotta love it! I think I have as many if not more Halloween decorations as I do Christmas ones. I just love this time of year when the weather starts cooling off (well, sometimes here in Charleston) and we all get to enjoy some new fall tv shows and the kids get settled in school. Such a nice time of year before all the winter bugs come out and it's time to stay home with sick kids. Now that's no fun at all!!!I'm still having a hard time deciding whether Will & Dargan should get flu shots. It seems that some people think that kids should get them and others say no way. What to do????I just hate to think about how hard that trip to the doctor will be! "We are on our way to get flu shots"--how bad is that for a kid to hear??? Do I just lie about where we are going and then spring it on 'em at the last minute before the needle goes into their little legs??Oh well, I guess I will put that decision off for a few more weeks....

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