Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A typical day in the life....

This morning I at 4 am I woke to my pug Ashley barking in the back yard. Why was she out and better yet what the hell was she barking at??? I was so tired last night that I forgot to put the dogs in their crate. And yes, I know it's terrible, but they sleep in a crate in the garage at night...After getting back to sleep, I woke again at 6:30 am to my alarm signaling me that it's time to get up and get Will ready for school and out the door at 7:15 am. After hitting the snooze twice I decided it was really time to get up. (The entire house was sound asleep and it was still dark). After successfully getting Will fed and dressed, he made it out the door with Daddy at 7:15.

Now that Daddy & Will were gone I wanted to take Dargan for a simple walk. Sounds nice, doesn't it? First I made Dargan some juice and a bag of nilla wafers and we went out to the garage to get the bike trailer/stroller ready. Did I mention that Rusty did not want me to have 3 strollers so we (he) got rid of my jog stroller which I really wish I still had!!!While I was assembling the handlebar onto the stroller, Dargan walked out to the front yard. As I finished up, he came back in the garage and announced "Mommy poopy!!!!" Great, I said-here we go....We proceeded back into the house to change the poopy diaper and while I was getting the diaper and wipes ready Dargan walks over to the kitchen and pulls down the halfway open box of nilla wafers and dumps them all over the floor. Great, once again...We get the diaper business over with and head back outside. I then have to pump the tires after realizing they are flat....Once they are pumped, I have to retrieve Dargan from the front porch and then I realize I need to move the van b/c our garage is too damn small for us to move the bike trailer out while the van is parked in it!!!!Thank you DR Horton!!!!(Terrible builder, by the way) As I open the van door to put Dargan in his seat so I won't run over him, I get hit in the back by the van door. Ouch..that hurt..So we move the van into the driveway and put Dargan in the stroller to suddenly realze he's already downed all the apple juice I gave him for the bike trip. Oh well, little man I guess you'll just have to suffer through it! And that was my morning, how was yours?????

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twobooboos said...

...and to think, you looked so peaceful when I saw strolling down the walkway! hehe